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Discover Downtown Gloversville

Sewn into the Fabric of Gloversville’s History, Ralph’s Tailor Shop Is a Staple in Downtown


One definition of the word artist is a “professional or talented individual who produces creative expressions” and the art of tailoring is a tradition kept alive by Ralph Iorio of Ralph’s Tailor Shop, located at 110 S. Main St., in Downtown Gloversville.


Ralph, also known lovingly in Gloversville as “Ralph the Tailor,” recently turned 75 on March 6, celebrating not only his birthday but his work in the tailor industry. At work for over 60 years, he has been an artist in clothing since he was age 8 and living in Italy. According to this article, he was making complete suits by the time he was 13 years old. When he moved to America at the age of 17, he first started his local career in Amsterdam where he cut material at a dress factory and then worked as a tailor in a clothing store. In 1972, Ralph came to Gloversville to set up his own full-time shop, first on East Fulton Street and later moved to his current location.


Ralph has always been community-minded and in 2020, he was recognized by state and federal officials during the height of COVID-19 when he made protective face masks by hand using excess cloth from his tailor shop and donated 500 masks to people in need.


In addition to selling clothing and performing alterations for men and boys, he sells ties, socks, caps and more. Tuxedo rentals are available for weddings and proms and the suits are available from different designers including Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren.


Vicki A. recently posted about obtaining a suit for her husband for an upcoming wedding: “Ralph the Tailor and I picked out and took care of him  … Basically, Pat sat and Ralph and I went around … and he knows by looking at you and I confirmed sizes and then he did some alteration, mainly on the vest …We also got Nino’s wedding suit … right down to the shoes and cufflinks.”


Ralph is versatile with his work, even performing needed assistance to a fire suit. A local racer, Facebook page Logan Carter Racing 21c, recently posted: “Shout out to Ralph's Tailor Shop for fixing Logan's fire suit!! He had it done in less than a week and did a great job!!” Ralph has also done alterations for horse show suits and jackets. Robin A.L. wrote on social media: “He is the only one we trust to alter our saddle suits.”


Take time to visit Ralph and learn about his passion for tailoring and for creating artwork out of apparel. Call the shop at 518-725-7459.


Stay. Play. Explore. Live.

Discover Downtown Gloversville


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