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Hometown Heroes


The Gloversville Hometown Heroes Banner Program debuted in 2021. The program honors Gloversville's own heroes, who dedicated their lives to fight for the freedoms we are able to enjoy today. Members of the community honor their loved hero by purchasing a personalized banner to be hung on decorative lampposts in Downtown Gloversville. Below is the list of the current Gloversville Hometown Heroes in the banner program. Please click on their names to see a copy of their banners, a brief description about their military records and a note of where to find their banners in Downtown Gloversville. Families and friends of several of the heroes submitted extra stories, testimonials and information. To view and download the profiles in a PDF file, click here.  

Meet Our Heroes

PFC Mario M. Albanese

Tec5 Dominic Anadio

PO3 Michael Anich

Pfc. Anthony J. Avellino

Cpl. Albert Berenger

LCpl. Kevin Patrick Boles

Seaman Alton E. Blodgett

SPC Lenard Bonafede Jr.

Cpl. Arthur Bowdish

WT2 SV6 Delbert John Bradt

1SG James C. Brown

CPL Robert William Brown

1Lt. Henry John Buggeln

CM3c Carlton John Burns

2Lt. Wallace Edward Burr

Cpl. Thomas J. Catucci

Pfc Carl Chamberlain

Sgt. Frank Colistra

CPO Chad William Conrad

Col. David Melvin Cummings

E-5 Tech Sgt. 4th Class Melvin Harry Cummings

T-5 Cpl. Vito T. D'Errico

TEC4 Michael George DeLilli

Cpl. Ralph DeSantis

S1 Vincenzo James DelSavio

1Sgt. Claude Dingman

Sgt. John Alfred Di Scioscia

LCpl. Alan C. Donnelly

T/SGT. Joseph P. Donovan

Cpl. Richard Edward Elmendorf

Cpl. Gary Peter Ferraro

Lt. Col. David R. Fisher

Sgt. Donald William Fisher

SM2 David Fitz Simons

PFC Arnold Wesley Fosmire

PFC Albert George Galpin

2Lt. Alfred Garguilo

Sgt. Craig R. Graham

PR3 George Uriel Graves

Pfc. Syd Greenwood

SSgt. Anthony Thomas Guiffre

GM1 Harris "Moe" Hanna

Capt. Richard Earl Hathaway

SN Larry Reginald Howland

Pvt. Theodore E. Hoye Jr.

S1 James C. Hynd Sr.

SPC Brian W. Jennings

PO3 Nelson M. Kiernan

Maj. Salvatore D. Landrio

SSgt. Anthony S. Leo

Cpl. Louis C. Leo

BT2 Donald W. Mattice

1SG John Morey

SP4 Bernard K. Nellis

Sgt. James Floyd Oathout

Sgt. Samuel S. Passero

1SG Ronald G. Patterson

2LT William Robert Peck

Pfc. Elmer Perham

Cpl. Robert E. Perrella

Sgt. Charles Persico

SSgt. Alfred B. Pettit Jr.

SSG. Arthur W. Poling

SSG. Robert J. Porter

CMSgt. Deodato A. Proietti

SMSGT Edward John Quinn

CM1 Andrew Renda

TECH4 Donald D. Robbins

BM3 Alfred John Rowback

Sgt. Nicholas Russo

Cpl. Melvin Lewis Rulison Jr.

Col. Frank Angelo Scafariello

SSgt. Alfred F. Schutz

Richard Sena

Sgt. John A. Shoop

Pfc. Arthur J. Simonds

Pfc. Harold Riley Simonds

Sgt. Raymond Earl Smith

Col. Robert Smullen

ENS Eugene Sparks

Pvt. George James Svolos

T-5 William F. Sweeney

SP4 Daniel Andrew Talmadge

A1C John Ernest Tartaglia

SMSgt. Peter Tautznik

1LT Horace Van Heusen

SFC Pasquale Viscosi

MSgt. Brent R. Warren

Cpl. Claude R. Warren

SSG Don Weiss

Pvt. E-1 John P. Wentworth

SP6 Charles Williams

Amn Verle G. Willis

Pvt. Harold Wilmot

Cpl. Raymond Wilson

Cook Charles Albert Yeates

Cpl. Donald Edwards Yeates

SMSgt. Guy W. Yesse


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