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Take a Walk!
Exploring Downtown Gloversville

Welcome to Downtown Gloversville, where we have a vibrant and historic city that is very walkable to explore! Whether you are an urban hiker that discovers points of interest around the city that you hike in, or you enjoy meandering as you view nature, or examine architecture as you visit local shops, Gloversville is the perfect small city for traversing. Find the hidden gems in Gloversville!

Downtown Gloversville Historic Walk

Walk in the footsteps of the glove workers and railroad employees as you explore Downtown Gloversville and see the architecture of buildings that have been in existence for over 100 years. For a map of the trail and more information, click here.

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Gloversville Little Library Trail

Explore Downtown and grab a book for the journey home! Stops include the Gloversville Public Library, a used book store, and little libraries at parks where you can sit and enjoy the outdoors while diving into a good book. For a map of the trailn, click here.

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Gloversville's Parks and Greenspaces

Explore Gloversville through its many parks and greenspaces. Each park has a unique facet such as Elk Street hosting basketball courts and Trail Station Park boasting a splash pad. Coming soon! St Thomas Square and South Main Street Plaza to join the list that can be found by clicking here.


FJ&G Rail Trail

While the trail runs through a big portion of Fulton County, the main trail passes through the City of Gloversville and follows a portion of Cayadutta Creek. Trail parking can be found at Trail Station Park on West Fulton Street. For a trail map, click here.


Fulton Montgomery Quilt Barn Trail

The Fulton Montgomery Quilt Barn Trail is located in upstate New York with at least five stops in Downtown Gloversville. Enjoy seeing the colorful squares that give hints to the owners personalities and hobbies. For the full map, click here, and for Downtown locations, click here.

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Gloversville's Downtown Businesses

Click here for the Downtown Shopping Guide and explore the small businesses that make our community unique. Stop by Adirondack Stained Glass Works and watch them in action, or go to Mohawk Harvest to grab a cup of  Upstate Coffee that is produced in Downtown Gloversville!

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