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Discover Downtown Gloversville

The Art of Gems can be found in Castiglione Jewelers

There are many types of art from paintings and photography to multimedia and performance to music … and jewelry. It takes an artist to create exquisite pieces and an artistic eye to pick the best gems. That quality and care can be found in Downtown Gloversville’s Castiglione Gem Jewelers, located at 25 N. Main St.

This family business custom designed pieces, as well as a variety of jewelry repair, all done within the local store. Its motto, “ Good things come in small packages – especially those little marbleized blue shopping bags with ‘Castiglione’s’ stamped in gold. A recipient of such a bag knows there will be something good inside” has rung true for decades.

Customers can visit in person or view pieces online at, as well as learn about the long history the business has with Downtown Gloversville. “In 1929 Castiglione Jewelers was founded by Louis Castiglione, Sr. at the young age of 25. With only $75.00 in his pocket and needing $50.00 for the first month’s rent, that left him $25.00 to build Castiglione Jewelers, Gloversville’s hometown jewelry store. Louis Sr. started as an optician and clock maker before becoming a master jeweler. After many years, Louis Sr. retired and passed Castiglione Jewelers to Dr. Louis Castiglione, Jr. who received his PhD from New York University and then went to school at the Gemological Institute of America to become a Certified Gemologist Appraiser,” the website reports. Louis Jr.’s son, Andrew Castiglione, is now at the helm and under his tutelage, the business has been named the Leader-Herald/Recorder Winner’s Choice Award for Best Jewelry Shop.

Online reviews range from the short shout out “Love your shop” to “I was in Castiglione’s the other day. The sales personnel are friendly and know their product. The inventory is outstanding, and reasonably priced. The jewelry inventory is fresh, vibrant and just plain beautiful. Make sure you stop by, you’ll be glad you did,” by Marj J. Another reviewer, Gianni B., wrote, “I recently shopped here to purchase my wife diamond earrings for Christmas. The salesperson was super helpful, explained the different pieces to me in great detail and made me feel very comfortable with the purchase. He also beautifully gift wrapped the purchase, and my wife loved the earrings which may make the holiday extra special. Would definitely recommend shopping at Castiglione for quality products and great customer service!”

Discover the beauty at Castiglione’s when visiting Downtown Gloversville.


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Discover Downtown Gloversville


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