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Hometown Heroes

The Gloversville Hometown Heroes Banner Program debuted in 2021. The program honors Gloversville's own heroes, who dedicated their lives to fight for the freedoms we are able to enjoy today. Members of the community may honor their loved hero by purchasing a personalized banner to be hung on decorative lampposts. View our heroes by clicking here and learn some of their stories by clicking on this site.

The Gloversville Hometown Heroes project takes advantage of the existing 79 decorative lamp posts throughout Downtown Gloversville. Each post has space for double-side banners, introducing a total of 158 opportunities to hang banners.

The banners, dedicated to veterans native to Gloversville, features the veteran’s name, year(s) of service, military branch, photo, earned medals, and sponsor names. Banners are priced based on associated fees and costs, amounting to $100.

The $100 fee funds the costs of the banner and equipment. In the event of unexpected loss or damage, the sponsor will be notified and given the option to rehang the banner at the sponsor’s expense. Replacement needs vary based on environmental and geographic factors, however, banners are expected to last roughly three years.  Fulton County Center for Regional Growth (FCCRG) and the City of Gloversville will conduct inspections on the banners to assess replacement needs. In the event of needed replacement, the sponsor will be contacted to review options. Once a banner is approved for printing, any changes to the veteran’s picture or information will require payment.


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