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Navigating Gloversville's Local Boards

Getting to Know the Project Development Process in Downtown Gloversville

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Getting approvals for a project can be a complex process that involves multiple stakeholders and decision-makers. Those interested in developing or investing in commercial, mixed-use, or housing properties in Downtown Gloversville should be familiar with the local review boards.

Start with the Terminology.

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* Site Control

* Changing Building Use

* Renovations

* Downtown Business

* Facade Improvements

What Is a Code Enforcement Officer and the Division of Buildings department?

Before starting a project, a developer should consult with the Codes Enforcement Officer as his department oversees and enforces local building codes, zoning las and ordinances to ensure new construction renovations maintain a level of quality that keeps citizens safe and protects the environment. The official can give guidance on what boards to seek approval from for projects and ensure the developer is following local laws and codes.

NOTE: Allow time for meetings to work out details regarding the project, as well as time for reviews. To reach the code enforcement officer or learn more about the building permits and vacant building ordinances, click here.

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What Is a Planning Board?

The Planning Board provides land-use planning for the city of Gloversville. Duties include reviewing and updating development rules, and they develop detailed strategies as well as provide data gathering, mapping, and analyses. The members examine construction plans, special usage permits and subdivision requests. The Gloversville Planning Board meets on the first Tuesday of the month. To learn more about the board, copies of the special use permit application and site plan review application, as well as the site plan review requirements, click here.

What is the Historic Preservation Board?

The Downtown Gloversville Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Historic Preservation Review Board evaluates the scope of work for a project to determine if it is appropriate for the historic district and regulated by the city code. To learn more about the Downtown Gloversville Historic District, click here, and how to apply for a historic review for projects, click here.

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Important Documents

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