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Manuscript Museum Provides Interesting History Artifacts; Also Hosts Events for Gloversville Community

Wander through history with historic papers, sheet music, drawings and more with the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum at 66 Kingsboro Ave. in Gloversville.

A visitor to the museum that once was the headquarters to Taylor Made Group (and earlier a historic church) can discover a replica of the Titanic on visit only to return and find the displays changed to highlight a different era, such as the original sketches of the “Star Trek” TV show. Other past exhibits included a model of the Mayflower, a megalodon giant shark tooth, and Egyptian artifacts.

While the museum is about seeing history up close, tourists can also experience the sounds of enlightenment with musical entertainment events, such as the upcoming concert by Chimera at 7 p.m. on Aug.24th. Musicians include Iva Bittova on violin and voice, Steve Gorn on bansuri flute, Timothy Hill on acoustic guitar and voice, and Michael Bisio on bass. Earlier this year, the museum also hosted the Caroga Arts Collective Spring Residency Concert.

Exhibits rotate through the Gloversville site with its fifteen sister museums that are scattered

across the United States. The main Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum website notes that David and Marsha Karpeles founded the organization with the mission to “inspire curiosity in others, and to promote education and literacy … By sharing the writings of authors, scientists, composers, philosophers, artists, sovereigns, leaders, and pioneers from all periods in history with the world, David and Marsha envisioned exposing future generations to the achievements of those who came before them so as to instill a sense of purpose and the courage to pursue their own dreams and goals without fear of failure, but rather with hope, pride, and fulfillment.”

Purchased in 2019 by David Karpeles, the building also is home to the permanent baseball display that includes documents from the birth of baseball, gloves made in Gloversville, and the uniform worn by Lori Petty in the hit movie, “A League of Their Own.”

Take the time to explore history in a unique way at this facility. For more information and hours, call (518) 752-4596 or visit the Facebook page at


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Discover Downtown Gloversville


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