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Lions in Gloversville

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

I Spy with My Little Eye, lions throughout the City of Gloversville.

Don’t worry, they are not real lions but statues and faces that can be seen on buildings, in front of homes and standing guard over businesses. If you want to play a scavenger hunt on a walk in Gloversville and find some, here's a hint: several are located somewhere on South Main Street, North Kingsboro Avenue, and East Fulton Street.

One lion is not far from the building once known as the Kingsborough Hotel, located on South Main Street. This may be of interest as Samuel Goldwyn, known as the “G” in the MGM Studios hailed from Gloversville and had spoken to the Men’s’ Club of the Kingsboro Presbyterian Church at their meeting at the hotel.

Allegedly this was the last time he visited Gloversville before making his mark in Hollywood.

Did you know that a lion is the mascot for MGM studios? While the idea for the lion came from art director Lionel S. Reiss, it was used for Samuel Goldwyn’s earlier studio Goldwyn Pictures, and then later as part of Goldwyn’s MGM studios.

How fitting these lions are in Gloversville, helping keep an eye on the former hometown of one of the film industry’s major powerhouses.

To learn more about Samuel Goldwyn, visit This website also notes that “In January 1899, Samuel reached New York and took up a job at a glove making factory at Gloversville. By and by, he became the Vice President for sales in Elite Glove Company. However, very soon destiny took him in another direction.”

When on your hunt for lions in the city, be sure to stroll down to South Main Street and read how Samuel Goldfish, aka Samuel Goldwyn when he was in Gloversville, started his career as a salesman in the glove making industry on one of the historic plaques.


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