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Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Hop on the Fulton Montgomery Quilt Barn Trail in Downtown Gloversville

Have you ever seen large wooden squares that look like quilts on the sides of building? Did you know they are part of the Fulton Montgomery Quilt Barn Trail, and a portion runs through Downtown Gloversville?

As this article points out,, “… towns are looking for ways to encourage visitors to spend more than a day or two in their area to experience local, shop local and eat local, and barn quilt trails are a perfect way to quickly become a must-see destination” and “It can tie back to your heritage by replicating the quilt grandma made, or it can tie to local history.”

There are four in the downtown Gloversville region. Starting at the 45 Park Street location, you can walk to Main Street to the Amico Funeral Home at 50 S. Main, head to 39 Hamilton Street and up to the Fulton County Museum on Kingsboro Avenue. That is a healthy jaunt of 2.1 miles or an estimated 4 mile round trip. While getting some good exercise, you can also stop in the shops or take a break at one of the eateries in Downtown Gloversville.

The patterns on the wooden quilt squares can be based on traditional quilting patterns or can give a clue about the square owner. For example, the square at 39 Hamilton Street has tools in the middle of its pattern. This is the location of a craftsman and HW Custom Kitchens. The square located at 237 Kingsboro Avenue is placed on the Fulton County Museum, the original site of the 1831 Kingsboro Academy and is in the Historic District of Old Kingsborough. Exhibits at the museum include displays of the glove and leather heritage of Gloversville and the history of the FJ&G Railroad. To find the entire trail that travels through Fulton and Montgomery Counties, visit


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