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Pamper Yourself in Downtown Gloversville

We hear the term “self-care” a lot these days, especially after the massive pressures that occurred during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Self-care is defined to be the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's health or taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness. Food choices, exercise, taking time to participate in activities that are joyful … all these play into taking care of oneself.

Recently, I had a day of self-care in Downtown Gloversville and the activities I found to be relaxing and fun, are also events that anyone can participate in just for fun or ways to explore the City of Gloversville.

The Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market at 30 N. Main St. is more than what its website ( touts it to be of being a “community-minded, community-owned grocery store.” In existence for 13 years, it hosts special events, music and most recently, specialty Breakfast at the Harvest days. I decided to treat myself to breakfast where I could order what I wanted and not have to go to the store and fight crowds to purchase the ingredients or waste my “self-care time” cleaning up after myself.

The day I went, it was cold and dreary outside, but the atmosphere inside the Mohawk was warm and inviting. Local musician, Michelle King, was performing as many were enjoying their breakfasts. Numerous people were there eating, shopping, and looking at artwork in the Micropolis Cooperative Art Gallery. The place was hopping! The clerk greeted everyone with a warm smile and offered assistance to all.

This newcomer asked how “this whole breakfast thing worked.” She laughed and said orders were being taken in the back and I could either take it to go, or it would be served to me where I sat and when I was done, I could come back to her to check out.

Today’s breakfast special was omelets, home fries and toast and the omelets had a wide variety of items you could ask to be added from spinach to ham to onions and peppers to bacon. I asked for spinach and mushrooms and for a side order of wheat toast. While waiting for my meal, I looked around at all the grocery items available for purchase and immediately noticed the local names. Bags of coffee from Upstate Coffee, located in Gloversville, and milk from Dygert Creamery located in nearby Montgomery County are only a few of the many local affiliates.

As the tables began filling up, I immediately plopped down at one to ensure a place to enjoy my meal. Soon after, out came a plate full of fresh and hot home fries and a large omelet. I read some newspapers online while eating and listening to Michelle King soothe the crowd with tunes from my era. I was immediately full and as I told the cook, I was “fat and happy” after my meal.

Next up on my self-care outing in Gloversville was a stop at SW The Spa (, located at 23 Freemont Street, a location they have been at since 2016. My parents had given me a gift certificate and I had never had a massage or facial, so this was a brand-new experience for me. I was scheduled for an aromatherapy massage and a hydra glow express enzyme facial.

After checking in, I was sent to get my robes and sit in the relaxing waiting area with a warm fireplace, inviting chairs, refreshing flavored water and soothing music. Amber came for me shortly after and brought me to her massage room.

I told her I had never done this before, so she talked me through how she was going to perform the message and asked me what I was comfortable with and if I had concerns. Her warm smile and thorough knowledge put me at ease. I felt very comfortable as I laid on the heated table and she put a hot towel on my back. I could feel my muscles immediately start to relax but I told Amber that my worst habit was something she probably couldn’t help with… I could never shut my brain off. At night, I have a hard time going to sleep as a million thoughts go through my head. She laughed and said yes, it typically takes about 10 to 15 minutes for a person to actually settle in before going to sleep. As she worked on me, we talked about our animals and soon I felt like I was ready to nap. Feeling completely soothed at the end of my 45-minute session, I was ready to head home for that nap that was calling but Amber reminded me that I had a facial appointment with Barbara.

Barbara was also very helpful in keeping me comfortable. She did start by taking imaging photos of my face to see what damage the sun and environment may have done to the layers underneath. As a person who was a teen in the ‘80s when sun worshipping was in and no real knowledge of sunscreen (oils were a must for a deeper, cooler looking tan back then), she showed me that my skin was actually in pretty decent shape, but she would show me how to keep it looking good and help it glow. Off we went to her station. Exfoliating, massaging, masks and more were part of my treatment and like the massage, it was very relaxing with her soothing voice and soft music piped into the room.

It was hard to believe I was there for almost two hours as the time passed quickly. I left with not only recommendations for further treatments and suggestions for home care, but with a sense of calmness that I had not experienced in a long time. And I was still full, “fat and happy” from my Mohawk Harvest breakfast.


Stay. Play. Explore. Live.

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