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Celebrate Valentine’s Day in an Unconventional Way in Downtown Gloversville

Support Downtown Gloversville businesses this Valentine’s Day with purchases of jewelry, clothing, flowers, chocolates and sweets … and with a gesture to the local animal shelter.

Love comes in all forms from sweetheart love to family love, to love for our four-legged animals. Nestled in Downtown Gloversville near the Train Station Park is a tiny shelter filled with big love for animals who need homes. As Valentine’s Day approaches and you shop Downtown Gloversville to find that perfect gift for your love, think about the Fulton County Regional SPCA and how their animals can benefit the holiday that celebrates adoration, devotion and endearment.

In January 2022, shortly after animal advocate and beloved star Betty White passed away,

the Fulton County Regional SPCA hosted a campaign asking for donations or adoptions in the honor of Betty. The month prior, like Betty White, our beloved 15-year-old German shepherd mix passed away and we were at a loss. The house was too quiet and we had a big void to fill. We looked at what was available on the website and then decided to fill out the application to adopt and waited to see what would happen. Founded in 2002, the non-profit shelter is a 100 percent volunteer-run organization and one called us within a week and said they checked with our veterinarian who gave us a glowing review and she wanted to know if we would like to come down and meet the dog we were interested in. He was a bundle of joy that was so excited to meet us. Our teen children enjoyed playing with him in the yard while we spoke with the volunteer who made sure we were ready for a large puppy commitment. Once we were approved by the dog – and the shelter – we were able to take him home the following week after his vet checkup.

About a month after he came home, I decided to take him to dog obedience class as a way to establish a bond with him. When he graduated, his photo went on the school’s Facebook Page and the Fulton County Regional SPCA was the first to comment, cheering him on.

In addition to adoptions, the agency offers pet food pantry events where they allow animal owners to pick up food for their dogs as a way to give back to the community and help those who might find themselves in need. One such pantry event was held on Jan. 21st and many generous donors and local businesses give supplies. Glove Cities Veterinary Hospital (located just outside the Downtown Gloversville region at 35 Harrison St.) was one that dropped off donations for the event. (

While adoption is a big commitment, there are other ways to show love for the animals. It may be an unconventional Valentine’s Date, but you can celebrate the holiday by taking your love to the shelter’s fundraiser, the 9th annual Chili Cook-off, held the weekend after Valentine’s Day on Feb. 19th. Donations in the name of your love can also be a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. In addition to monetary donations, the shelter always needs supplies:

There is no right way to celebrate Valentine’s Day but helping others, such as our four-legged friends, is a great way to honor the day dedicated to love.


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