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Discover Downtown Gloversville

Shop Local This Holiday Season

Now that Halloween is over, the focus is now on the upcoming holiday season and what to purchase for loved ones as the gift giving season is right around the corner. Shopping locally and supporting small businesses are a theme we hear about, especially the day after Thanksgiving as it is nationally known as Small Business Saturday, but what does that mean?

By shopping locally, customers receive great benefits such as saving gas as they don't have far to drive. They also don’t have to pay extra for shipping if they buy online. Shoppers also get personal attention from small business owners and the experience is more personalized than what happens in a big box store.

Shopping locally also helps the community as it is typically our neighbors and friends who own stores, and we are supporting their businesses. It also helps the local economy by keeping sales tax dollars in the community and reinvesting in the municipality. Shopping, or even dining, locally can help more than one small business as stores typically receive products from other local organizations. For example, New York Lunch buys bread and rolls from Rauch’s Bakery. Mohawk Harvest sells products and produce from local farmers, including milk from Dygert’s Farm.

Gloversville has a walkable downtown with a wide variety of shops that can assist shoppers with their gift giving needs. In addition to getting a lot of shopping done in a short amount of time and distance, Gloversville offers local retailers that make the shopping experience more enjoyable as they can personalize the customer’s experience and work closely with their needs.

Downtown stores include:

· 44 Lakes Customized Gifts, 15 N. Main St.

· 2 of Cups Couture, 26 N. Main St.

· Adirondack Stained Glass, 29 W. Fulton St.

· Castiglione Jewelers, 25 N. Main St.

· Dundays Clothiers, 49 N. Main St.

· EmpowHERing Designs, 45 S. Main St.

· Gearheads Variety Store, 82 N. Main St.

· GoodbuyZ Liquidation, 12 St. Thomas Pl.

· Great Rentals, 59 N. Main St

· Kay's Beautique, 84 N. Main St.

· Micropolis Cooperative Art Gallery, 30 N. Main St.

· Panache Quality, 101 N. Main St.

· Ralph’s Tailor Shop, 110 S. Main St.

· Rossbach Shoe Store, 10 W. Fulton St.

· The Fly Shack, 28 E. Fulton St.

· True Value, 25 Bleecker St.

· Young’s Variety Store, 136 N. Main St

Struggling with gift ideas for a person who has everything? Gift cards for professional hair and nails are great ideas, as well as giving a loved one a pampered spa day. Suggestions for places to purchase a certificate include:

· Addictive Pain Tattoo, 29 N. Main St.

· Adirondack Barbershop, 12 St. Thomas

· Adirondack Massage, 40 N. Main St.

· Beau Monde Hair & Spa, 235 Main St.

· Capano’s Hairitage Salon, 31 Bleecker

· Doll House, 97 E. Fulton St.

· Fulton County Barbershop, 17 N. Main St.

· Glitter Lash Boutique, 12 St. Thomas Pl.

· Ink Magic Tattoo, 221 S. Main St

· Infinity Nails, 19 N. Main St.

· Mr. G’s Hair Gallery, 55 W. Fulton St.

· Sacandaga Therapeutic, 26 N. Main St.

· SW The Spa, 23 Fremont St.

· The Color Coven – Beauty Lounge, 2 S. Main St.

· The Color Coven- INK, 10 S. Main St.

· Time & Tide Tattoo, 145 N. Main St.

While out shopping, be sure to dine downtown, or purchase a gift certificate for a loved one for a meal or treat. Eateries and dessert shops include:

· Brass Monkey, 59 Cayadutta St.

· Buck’s Pizza, 23 S. Main St.

· Caesar’s Pizza, 253 N. Main St.

· Cravings, 47 Cayadutta St.

· Eva’s Soul Food, 116 S. Main St.

· Harold’s Restaurant, 176 W. Fulton St.

· Mohawk Harvest, 30 N. Main St.

· New York Lunch, 21 Bleecker St.

· Palace Diner, 62 S. Main St.

A Downtown Gloversville business and shopping guide can be found here. The guide also includes entertainment options in case people are looking for something to do with guests who are staying with them for the holidays. Downtown Gloversville attractions include the Glove Theatre at 42 N. Main St. and the Dorn Space at 99 N. Main St.

Besides supporting the businesses with your wallet, be sure to support them with your reviews. Word-of-mouth can help boost sales for a retailer and social media posts can help spread the word.

Join the Shop Small movement, a celebration of small businesses on Small Business Saturday and every day, to help communities thrive and stay vibrant.


Stay. Play. Explore. Live.

Discover Downtown Gloversville


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