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Discover Downtown Gloversville

Explore Gloversville’s History throughout the Year with Markers

October is New York State History Month, a designation meant to bring attention to state and local history. Gloversville is home to numerous historical markers that allow for learning interesting facts about the area, not just in October but throughout the year.

On the local level, the city created historical markers for a variety of buildings and places including the Palace Diner at 64 S. Main St. that has been serving meals for over 100 years, and a plaque erected at the corner of South Main Street and Fulton Street noting the “Four Corners” of the city where three separate settlements came together to create the new city that would be known as the “Glove Capital of the World” in the 19th Century. A historical booklet can be found here that provides the location and a summary of the sites.

According to the NYS Historic Marker Database, there are over 12,000 state historical signs in this state. Travel around Gloversville and discover the markers in the core and just over the city’s line. Here are a few:

· Glove Theatre, 42 N. Main St.: “Glove Theatre … Opened 1914. Hosted movies, music, vaudeville and civic events, operated by Schine Enterprises 1920-1965. Closed 1971. Reopened 1997. William C. Pomeroy Foundation 2023.”

· Trail Station Park, West Fulton Street: “Site of the headquarters of the Fonda, Johnstown and Gloversville, Rail Road … 1870 – 1984 … Fulton County Historian 1995.”

· American Legion Post 137, 200 N. Main St.: “Post 137 … American Legion Post ... Honoring WWI Pvt. Harold Wilmot Est. 1919, Legion House … Built CA. 1930. US Congressman Lucius N. Littauer, Donor. William C. Pomeroy Foundation 2022.”

· Fulton County Museum, 237 Kingsboro Ave.: “Site of Kingsborough Academy … Built 1831 … Demolished 1900 … Private School 1831 – 1863 … Public Elementary School 1863 – 1900 … Bicentennial Fulton Co. 1976.”

· Parkhurst Field, 50 Harrison Str.: “Opened July 12, 1906 … Home of N.Y.S. League Jags … Host to future HOF players, MLB, Negro League, Semi-Pro & Industrial Baseball Teams … Dedicated October 13, 2013.” Also at the baseball field complex are markers for the history of Gloversville Little League and Parkhurst Field that were created and erected by the league.

· CVS pharmacy and store, 1013 State Highway 29A (East Fulton Street) has two markers. The read note notes: “On this site in Aug. 1950 the volunteer dept. was established by 50 men who dedicated countless hours protecting their community … in 2013 the BFD relocated and continues serving their community …2013.” The blue marker right next to it notes: “Berkshire School … Common School District #5 … Built 1869 – 2 Rooms … 1938 – 1 Room Addition … Closed 1969 – Torn Down 2010 … Consolidated with G.E.S.D. 1969 …in memory of F&M Gendron 2018.”

· Dunkin’, 1008 State Highway 29A (East Fulton Street) boasts the Berkshire Grace Chapel sign. To learn more about the sign and the organization responsible for it, click here.

At the top of the markers are images, typically of the state, Fulton County or an image of the sponsoring organization. The New York State Education Department was originally responsible for creating the blue and yellow markers and that job began for the agency in 1926, according to (The state Education Department indexed its markers at

The William G. Pomeroy Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting and preserving community history, hosts a program that “fills a gap, as New York State stopped funding their roadside markers in 1939.” For guidelines on applying for a marker through the foundation, their website

Gloversville is home to several museums and historical attractions, including the Fulton County Museum, the Glove Theatre Museum, Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum, and the New York State Baseball Hall of Fame. Some hibernate for the winter so visit their exhibits in the new few weeks, but also make sure to stop and read the historical markers on the journey there as the roadside has plenty of history to offer to explorers.


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Discover Downtown Gloversville


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