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Look Up in Downtown Gloversville

In today’s world of Internet, streaming TV and social media, it’s hard for the newest generations to imagine how people learned about events, sales and new happenings in their town.

As seen in this vintage ad from Rossbach’s from a number of years ago, print media was a popular way to get the word out and is still used today as many receive the local paper on Sundays for the upcoming week’s coupons and specials.

Another popular trend was advertisements painted on brick that remained over time. Take a walk around Downtown Gloversville and you will see remnants of this advertising, stories of an era in the city’s long and historic life. Several buildings tout the glove business that was housed inside the brick-and-mortfaçade, others announced items and sales. As this article points out, the trend was popular from the 1890s through the 1960s but eventually was replaced by the trend of billboards.

Continue walking around Downtown and you will see some businesses have kept the nostalgia of the past in their current advertising as seen by this Castiglione Jewelers brick sign.

Artists have also used buildings as their canvas as seen by murals paying homage to the local railroad industry on the GoodbuyZ Liquidation Outlets building.

It’s easy to get lost in the allure of our shiny phones with numerous apps, but look up when walking in Downtown Gloversville and you will see a whole new world through the Ghost Signs of the past and enjoy these unique works of art. As this article reflects, … “ghost signs transform urban spaces into museums. They help us to remain present within the built environment and public space, yanking our attention away from screens to engage in history. They make us stop and look.

Stop. Look. Discover Downtown Gloversville.


Stay. Play. Explore. Live.

Discover Downtown Gloversville.


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