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Family Counseling Center Has a Long History of Investing in People and in Gloversville

Last May, a charter employee took a tour of The Family Counseling Center, located at 11-21 Broadway, and marveled at how the organization has changed and grown in the past 47 years. The Family Counseling Center offers a behavioral health clinic, a domestic violence program, children and family services, a Genoa healthcare on-site pharmacy and a Doxy Link for telehealth appointments. This is a far cry from starting in the basement of a church with minimal staff for counseling.

Not surprised by the organization’s long history of helping Gloversville and Fulton County, he was surprised by the large facility and was proud to be a part of its past

Mike Brace said, “I guess I was one of the original charter employees for FCC joining Ann Lee Clough, Peg Ballantine, Bart Avery, and a few others. I did my master’s field placement at the First Congregational United Church of Christ (original home to the center on East Fulton Street). We then moved into the Bleecker Street location (former YWCA building) and began our startup. By then I had graduated with a master's in social welfare and went on to achieve Certified Social Worker status. I met with then Gloversville City Judge Vince DeSantis and he was instrumental in helping us to populate our new Domestic Violence Abuse Program. Sometime later we moved into the new headquarters on Broadway. This past spring I went to visit the all new revamped headquarters and was blown away! I was ready to sign on and enjoy the new facility (were it not for the fact that I lived 2,000 miles away in Phoenix). Congratulations FCC! Keep up the good work.”

Jim Conkling, a board member during the organization’s early years, was also on the tour and was also amazed, stating the agency had grown beyond any of his expectations and visions.

In addition to the social and well-being investments the organization makes by assisting the residents of the area with behavioral health and social services, The Family Counseling Center also made a $9 million economic development investment in the community with its expansion. With the renovations officially completed in 2021, the facility became one of Gloversville's largest private development projects in the last decade. As part of the project, the employees were asked for input, which resulted in natural light and outdoor spaces being built into the floor plans. The skyways that illuminate the center's common areas with natural light provide staff and clients with a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

Those employees also help the community they work in by supporting Downtown when they shop, eat, and visit local businesses. The center also is a community team player by having rooms available for community meetings, polling stations, blood drives, corporate retreats and more.

The Family Counseling Center recently celebrated its birthday on August 2nd and will honor its legacy at the upcoming fall gala on Sept. 28th. For more information on the organization and the gala, visit


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