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Whether you're a prospective developer, entrepreneur, resident, or visitor, we are proud to host valuable resources that will answer your inquiries.

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Developer's Guide

Walk through the necessary steps to open or expand your business in Downtown in one convenient location.

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Our affordable and opportunistic sites displayed on an interactive and easily accessible platform.

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Downtown Projects

Check out various development projects and understand why companies are choosing Downtown for their business.


Marketing Downtown

Downtown's marketing presence is stepping up. Check out what we're showing off.

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Downtown Gloversville

The story of Downtown Gloversville is deeply ingrained in the City's history as an industrial town. It grew from a tiny frontier village, formerly known as Kingsborough (now the Kingsborough Historic District) in the 1810s to a booming industrial city of roughly 30,000 people in the early 20th century. Until the early 1960s, it produced up to 90% of the leather dress gloves in North America, with over 13,000 people employed in the leather and glove industries and related enterprises. As glove manufacturers steadily moved their labor-intensive operations to the Philippines and Taiwan, the City eventually became a shadow of it's former industrial manufacturing days and declined in both wealth and population.

Today, Downtown Gloversville's community acknowledges its impressive past while enacting positive change to pave the way for the next age of prosperity. 

Both private and public partners have gathered together to create an office solely dedicated to galvanize community leaders, manage development projects across a variety of scales, and market the many assets Downtown has to offer for families and businesses alike.




Hometown Heroes

With the attractive banners hung throughout the Downtown corridor, sponsors have not only commemorated their loved heroes, but also have contributed to the beautification of their own community. This union of beautification and veteran appreciation will serve as a shining example of the community's collective effort to advance the development of our city. 

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Pedestrian Safety

In order to capture the true walkability of an iconic downtown, pedestrian safety must be made a priority. Gloversville already has a compact urban core and the City is developing a plan to strengthen multi-modal transportation.


Click below to learn more about our commitment to creating the true walkable city.   



Downtown Gloversville Development Specialist 

Jennifer Donovan

I am excited to be a part of the team at the Fulton County Center for Regional Growth. For nearly 22 years, one of the major tasks in my role as a New York State Senate Community Liaison under Senators Hugh Farley and Jim Tedisco, was to work closely with state and local agencies to strongly advocate for constituents. In my current role as the Downtown Development Specialist, I am using those vital skills to support, promote and champion the historic and charming district in Gloversville. I am utilizing my networking and communication expertise to establish positive working relationships with people, businesses and groups within the downtown district.


Contact Me

Jennifer Donovan

Gloversville Downtown Development Specialist

Fulton County Center for Regional Growth

34 West Fulton Street, Suite 104

Gloversville, NY 12078

Tel: (518) 725-7700 x1004

Fax: (518) 725-7702

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