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Books Give Readers Adventures … and a Stroll Through Downtown Gloversville

In search of a good book? Put on your hiking shoes for a tour of Downtown Gloversville as the city gives many opportunities for book enthusiasts to find their next reading adventure.

The Gloversville Public Library, located at 58 E. Fulton Street, houses thousands upon thousands (37,000 + to be exact) of stories, books, magazines, graphic novels, newspapers, articles and more for the avid reader. Several book clubs and discussions are also available. If you don’t have a library card, it is easy to get one! To learn more about the Gloversville Public Library, visit

In addition to the public library, there are eight Little Free Libraries that are tended to by

Gloversville Enlarged School District volunteers, five of which are directly in Downtown Gloversville. Readers can take a book, free of charge and either be kept or given back. Whittling down your own home library? Give donations to these boxes for others to read. The goal of Little Free Libraries is to increase access to books for readers of all ages and backgrounds. To learn more about the program, visit Another Little Free Library is nestled inside the Mohawk Harvest Cooperative Market on Main Street, where there is plenty of space to sit and read, take in a meal and listen to music (

Take the Downtown Gloversville Library Trail as it visits all these book locations. Start at the Elm Street Park (Near Glove City Pizza and Fulton Street), heads down to the Gloversville Public Library, then travel to a stop at the Freemont Community Garden (110 Freemont Street) before heading to Main Street where little libraries are found at the Mohawk Harvest at 30 N. Main St., and Castiglione Memorial Park at 47 N. Main St.

The trail ends in Downtown Gloversville at the AGORA Marketplace (50 N. Main St.) as the

Cat’s Meow Book Shop, a mini-used bookstore where readers can find some books penned by their favorite authors at a reasonable price, is housed inside ( While browsing to find a book to purchase, readers and trail users can also purchase a yummy treat of bagels, muffins, cupcakes and more at The Happy Mug Café. A bonus stop on the trail is the Little Free Library station at nearby Kingsborough Elementary School.

While readers will find their treasures of books at each stop, those who like urban hiking will also enjoy the Gloversville Library Trail as just the Downtown Corridor is 2.1 miles one-way.

Feeling especially energetic or still looking for that perfect book? Be sure to stop at the Little Free Libraries at Boulevard, McNab and Park Terrace Elementary Schools, and at Spring Street Park.

This trail is a great way to explore the city, get some fresh air and pick up a book, or two, or three!


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