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Take A Self-Guided Tour of  

New Self-Guided Walk Showcases

Gloversville’s History and DRI Projects

Whether you are discovering Gloversville for the first time, or you are a tourist in your own city, take this new self-guided walk that highlights both historic buildings and those being transformed through the $10 Million Downtown Revitalization Initiative Grant (DRI).


Four of the buildings and properties on the current Historic Walk are also on the DRI list. Other historical stops on the walk are very close to DRI projects. This Community Walk reminds people of the rich history Gloversville has and shows off where the transformative projects in the DRI will be located.


 Click here for the walking tour brochure and map.


Tour stops include:


  1. Glove City Brewing, 64 S. Main St. (DRI)

  2. Palace Diner, 62 S. Main St. (Historical)

  3. Former Kingsborough Hotel, 34 S. Main St. (Historical)

  4. Creating a Downtown Piazza, 12-18 S. Main St. (DRI)

  5. 4 Corners, 2 S. Main St. (Historical)

  6. Trail Station Park, West Fulton Street (DRI, Historical)

  7. Glove City Lofts, 52 Church St. (DRI & mention improving streetscapes & connectivity)

  8. Bleecker Street Square, estimated 33 Bleecker St. (Historical)

  9. St. Thomas Square (DRI), Elm Street/ Farmer’s Market Pavilion

  10. Former Gloversville High School/Estee Park, 90 N. Main St. (Historical)

  11. Former City Hall, 44 N. Main St. (DRI, Historical)

  12. Glove Theatre, 42 N. Main St. (DRI, Historical) with a mention of Carriage House across the street (DRI)

  13. Schine Memorial Hall, 40 N. Main St. (DRI, Historical)

  14. 14. Carriage House, 39 N. Main St. (DRI)

Downtown Gloversville
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