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elk Street park

The restoration of Gloversville's leading beacon of integration.

Historically, Elk Street Park has stood as a meeting ground for family gatherings, pickup basketball games, picnics, and leisure for all walks of life. While Gloversville's first and third ward residents can reminisce about summer BBQs and HORSE games, Elk Street Park's identity as a meeting ground stretches beyond friendly social gatherings, and perhaps more importantly, is deeply rooted in integrating racially diverse communities. 

Elk Street Park has maintained its integrity of honoring that inclusive social responsibility, even throughout times when national tensions have worked to fan the flames of discrimination.

A community-based effort is underway to restore Elk Street Park to its former self: serving the community as a safe, friendly, and inclusive public space while honoring the park's dedication to Shauna Beekman and Anthony 'ICE' Coger.


The City of Gloversville, the Gloversville Enlarged School District, the Downtown Development Specialist, and neighborhood ambassadors are guiding the decisions to restore the park and keep the community engaged.


For more information about the restoration of Elk Street Park, please contact Downtown Development Specialist, Jennifer Donovan, at

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