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Diversity, Inclusivity, and Contribution within GESD - An Interview with Principal Richard DeMallie

GHS Principal Richard DeMallie talks about his background, the inroads that led him to Gloversville, maintaining student motivation, and building resources that support diverse members of the student body in this interview with James Hannahs.


Mr. DeMallie's interview is the first of many to showcase Gloversville's diverse base of community members and resources, while also striving to do more to be as inclusive as possible.

Back to Basics - The Role of DDS and FCCRG

We are often asked "What is the CRG? What do they do? How do they connect with Downtown Gloversville development?"

While we think the best answer can be found by asking local business owners, job providers, or municipalities, we wanted to tell you ourselves.

While CRG focuses development efforts on Fulton County as a whole, the DDS office concentrates those efforts to the most urban center in the county: Downtown Gloversville. We work to market Gloversville as the ideal setting for your business's expansion, relocation, or initial foundation. Essentially, our mutual mission is to build our economy one business at a time.

Affordability, Walkability, Broadband, and more - What Gloversville can offer YOU

Between affordable properties, historic architecture, infrastructure expansions, greenspaces, and its walkability, Downtown Gloversville has what your family and business needs.

Join us as we show you how your concerns are enacting change in the city, how foot-traffic-friendly our points of access are, and why a major developer chose Gloversville to expand their international operations.

A Developer's Perspective - Micropolis Development Group & The Happy Mug

We visit Micropolis Development Group on site at their latest developing project, the Happy Mug. The soon-to-be gourmet coffee shop will bring life to a long-shuddered iconic building at 13 North Main Street.


Tanyalynnette Grimes, CEO of Micropolis Development Group, talks about their community-oriented commitments going beyond the walls of 13 N Main St. We discuss her priorities surrounding historic preservation, environmental sustainability, and her experience, as a developer, starting a business in Downtown Gloversville.

An Entrepreneur's Perspective -Kala Lilies


Kelly Cincanelli has always had a passion for fashion and sustainability. When she decided to create a boutique store where her passions can bring happiness and confidence to women of all ages, she knew that Downtown Gloversville was the premier spot to set up shop.


We interviewed Kelly this week and talked about how easy it is to set up business in Downtown Gloversville. This week, we are providing more insight to show how accessible and friendly the Downtown business environment is, as well as having a strong community to support the efforts of entreprenuers.


Kala-Lillies Boutique opens September 17th at 34 North Main Street. Click to learn more about the boutique and Downtown's friendly business environment! Support local businesses and shop small!

Save the Parks - Myers Park


Let's talk about the importance of public space and placemaking. Gloversville has access to so many parks and recreation areas that have served as community-wide gathering places. With a little help, these public spaces have the power to galvanize our community and empower real changes to happen. Myers Park is a long-time case example of this.

Iconic and historic Myers Park may be off the beaten path of Downtown Gloversville, but not for long. Learn how we are connecting our city's greenspaces together for better accessibility, collaboration, and enhanced quality of life.

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